Zilker Technology Interview Experience

I recently interviewed for Zilker Technology through on-campus placement and fortunately was selected. This was my first interview experience ever and I had a lot of doubts about what would be asked in the interview. The following is my interview experience.

Round 1: (Online Test)

300 students from all departments were shortlisted for this round based on the AMCAT score, CGPA, and Skillrack performance. The online test was conducted in-campus in the codeground.in platform.  There were overall of 15 MCQ aptitude questions and 35 MCQ technical questions. And finally also had 2 programming questions.

From this round, only about 30 were selected for the next round.

Round 2: (Technical Interview)

This round consumed a lot of time as each of the 30 students were interviewed one after the other for about 20 minutes on average. At the beginning of the interview, we were informed, that people who have worked in Python could give their names, and they would be interviewed first. I gave my name as I had used Python and Flask in my internship.

The interview started with the interviewer asking me about my role in the internship with Hasura. He asked me how far I had used Kubernetes and Docker. Then he simply asked me what I felt I was the strongest in Computer Science. I said Android Development. The discussion then moved towards my projects and some technical questions in Android and Java. Then he asked me about my dream companies, and what type of company I would want to work with. Overall the interviewer was friendly and I felt that I did pretty good.

After a long time, at about 4:30 pm, we got the results for this round. 8 out of the 30 were selected.

Round 3: (Group HR Interview)

This was probably the hardest as there wasn’t one or two interviewers that were interviewing me, but about 6. I was interviewed the 4th and took about 25 minutes to complete. The first question was about the GirdThySword Android app that I had made. The interviewer already had the app installed and asked questions from it. The questions were more techy and deeper than the last round. I managed to answer most of the questions that were asked. After this, the discussion moved towards my work in Python(Space Pong). Next, I was given a database scenario for which I had to write an SQL query. Here is the point where the discussion became more general. The HR asked me about my life goal, my family, and how long I plan to stay in the company.

In the end, I was asked if I wanted to ask any questions. I could not come up with anything to ask. They all probably could see it and started laughing. Finally, I managed to come up with something and asked one of the interviewers(who was our college alumni), what domain he was working in.

The next day evening I was informed that 2 were selected, and I was one of them.

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