Don’t Give up Near the Finish Line

I finally decide to take up the project that I had left working on because of a UI bug in the app.

I had worked on this project for about a year now, and have made so much progress since then. Usually, I try to grind my way and solve any technical problem within hours. But then this was taking days!

I tried searching Stack Overflow (The Devs’ Bible) but didn’t find anything relevant to what I was facing. Thought maybe I should give up on the app and do something else instead.

And then, I solve the problem by spending just 4 hours today. And guess what? The only change I had to was to add 5 characters to the code.

So here is what I want to tell you guys today.

Don’t give up when you are almost there!

Many people who have grounded their way, and people who started with so much drive and passion, lose their momentum just because of an obstacle at the end of the road. Just like how there is a dragon at the end of each world in Mario, there will be a boss fight at some point in whatever you do.

It can be finishing a project, finishing reading the Bible, completing a workout schedule or a diet, and even life, which all have a finish line.

The question is, are you going to give up? Or are you going to say, “bring it on”? Cause if you do give up at the last moment without finishing it, you might lose the benefit for most, if not everything that you did till then.

Also, a lot of times it might not even a boss fight that is at that end of the road. It might be just you thinking, “Well I’m about to finish it. But I got this other thing which is way more interesting. I’ll finish this later”.

Here is the problem with that. You can’t really eat food that is 90% cooked, the same way that you can’t sell a product that is 90% built. The last 10% although hard many times, will usually end up giving you 2x or more of your investment.

So why waste all your hard work just because you don’t feel like doing it?

Finish what you start, don’t give up near the finish line.


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