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Hi, I am Joel Kingsley and am the Founder and Lead Developer at GirdThySword, Inc. GirdThySword is a brand with a mission to encourage and inspire people to memorize the Word of God, the Bible. Right now the brand has an app for free on the Google Play Store. Check it out by clicking here.

I started coding when I was 15 in my first Computer Science class in Grade 11. At that moment I knew that computers had something to do with my life’s purpose. I am 22 right now, currently working as a Full Stack developer in a premium service based company where I use technologies such as Ionic, Angular and Node.js.

Running is a reminder to me. A reminder that I have to keep pushing even if there is every reason for me to stop. Even if people around think that I’m crazy to run at this time of the night, or my legs tell me that I should probably go home and take a nap in the couch, I gotta make it to the finish line cause I know that I have to finish what I start. I’ve been running for more than a year now. Have run six 10K runs officially and more than 500Kms in total.

As a Christian, I believe that all you have to do is believe in the death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ to go to heaven. Not believe and go to church, not believe and read the Bible, or not believe and be baptized. Just believe in what Jesus has already done on the cross to be saved. And once you’re saved, you’re always saved. You cannot lose your salvation.

Over here I write blog posts on programming, running and way of life.

Most Recent Posts:
My Podcast:

Top 4 Non-Fiction Books Everyone Should Read (Apart from the Bible) Joel Kingsley

These are my picks for the top 4 non-fiction books that I would recommend everyone to read. The purpose of this video is to inspire people to get into the habit of reading and also document some of the sources of things that I have learnt in the past couple of years. Visit my blog here for the text version of this podcast: https://joelkingsleyr.com
  1. Top 4 Non-Fiction Books Everyone Should Read (Apart from the Bible)
  2. Things that are Valuable are given for FREE
  3. The Problem with Christian Contemporary Music
  4. How to Get Eternal Life (The Bible Way)

This site is my personal blog and is also an aggregator of all my blog posts, goals, work, and more.

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