Word Game

Word Game is a language game where an English word and its Spanish translation are displayed in each turn, and the user has to choose whether the Spanish word is the correct or wrong translation for the revealed word.

Source Code: https://github.com/joelkingsley/word-game

The game starts immediately once the app is opened, and the correct attempts and wrong attempts are set to 0.

A random word pair of an English word and its Spanish translation is loaded from a JSON file. This word pair is retrieved and displayed on the screen using a pre-determined probability of 75% of word pairs having the wrong translation pair.

The user has 5 seconds to figure out and select whether the Spanish translation of the English word is correct or wrong. If the attempt is incorrect, the wrong attempts counter increments. If not, the correct attempts counter increments.

During the 5 seconds when the user is allowed to make an attempt, an animation and timer run simultaneously.

The Spanish translation would animate from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen in 5 seconds.

Also, for every round, the Spanish translation also changes colors randomly from among a list of pre-selected colors.

The game over screen gets displayed whenever the user does 3 wrong attempts or 15 total attempts (whichever comes first).

The user then has the option to either reset the game and play again or exit the app.

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