The Impossible List

"The impossible list is a challenge. This list of impossible things 
contains all the things I ever thought I couldn’t do because it was 
“impossible.” The sort of things that I assumed the cool guys on TV 
only ever got to do. The things I never thought that I would be able 
to do."
 - Joel Runyon

Last 5 Goals Completed:


  • Publish 2 blog posts per month in 2020
  • Deploy Project S to production
  • Complete listening to 12 audiobooks by end of year
  • Keep reading the Bible everyday

Adventure Goals

  • Cook eggs (So many times)
  • Chop down a tree
  • Paddle a canoe
  • Kill 50 cockroaches using your leg (10 done)
  • Change a flat tire (7th January 2018, Anna Nagar)
  • Build a shelter
  • Build a campfire
  • Make fire without matches
  • Drive in snow
  • Pick a lock
  • Play Poker
  • Play blackjack
  • Shoot using a Pistol
  • Shoot using a Shotgun
  • Shoot using an Assault Rifle
  • Shoot using a Sniper
  • Ride a camel (Dubai Trip 2016)
  • Ride a horse (Ooty Trip)
  • Ride an ATV (Pondicherry Trip)

Fitness/Health Goals

  • Pull Ups
    • Do 15 Pull-ups in a set
    • Do 25 Pull-ups in a set
  • Push Ups
    • Do 25 push ups in a set
    • Do 40 push ups in a set
    • Do 50 push ups in a set
  • Fit into a 32 size pant comfortably
  • Beat 5-minute KM run (4 min 14 sec)
    • Beat 4-minute KM run.
  • Run a 10K Run (Chennai Half Marathon 2018)
  • Run a Half Marathon (Chennai Marathon 2020)
  • Run a Marathon

Video Game Goals

  • 100% Mafia 2
  • 100% Watch Dogs
  • 100% Driver 76
  • 100% Prince of Persia Revelations

Life Goals

  • Read the Bible cover to cover(Supplementary Audiobook, Plan)
    • Read the Bible 5 times
  • Memorize 5 chapters of the Bible(4 done)
  • Talk on stage 50 times(21)
  • Change one person’s life for the good
  • Give someone the entire gospel
  • Soul Winning:
    • Knock 10 doors
  • Become fluent in at least 3 languages
    • English
    • Tamil
    • French
      • Duolingo Basics 1
      • Duolingo Basics 2
    • Greek
      • Duolingo Basics 1
      • Duolingo Basics 2
    • Hindi
    • German
    • Japanese

Academic Goals

  • Complete semester 1 with at least 8.5 GPA(8.81)
  • Complete semester 2 with at least 8.0 GPA(7.88,close enough)
  • Win a programming contest(1st place in Junior year intra-department coding contest)
  • Win a mini project competition(2nd Prize)(Space Pong)
  • Complete an online course(Programming in C++ in NPTEL, Elite with Gold)
  • Publish a research paper(Memorization technique for large texts)
  • Participate in a hackathon(Smart India Hackathon 2018)
    • Win a hackathon
  • Participate in ACM ICPC
  • Organize an event(Xenioz 2k17)
  • Do an internship in a company/Institute (Hasura)

Creative Goals

  • Publish 15 articles(July 13, 2017)
    • Publish 30 articles (November 12, 2018)
    • Publish 50 articles
  • Play the Mario Theme song on the keyboard(right hand only)
    • Right and left hand
  • Start a YouTube channel and upload a video
    • Make a video showing your face (3 Benefits of Running)
    • Make a Promo video for GirdThySword
    • Upload 5 YouTube videos
  • Learn to compose electronic music

Professional Goals

  • Create and publish a website for free in WordPress (November 14, 2015)
    • Secure a website domain name
    • Secure an email domain name
    • Include pages:
      • About
      • Resume
      • Portfolio
      • Contact
      • Hire me
      • Impossible list
    • Link to your social media profiles
    • Add a blog section to your website
  • Get a Good First Job
  • Buy a suit
  • Build a Business

Technical Goals

  • Do a project in a functional programming language
  • Do an open source project
  • Make an Internet Radio Station
  • Make a Progressive Web App
  • Make a mobile app(GirdThySword)
    • Make one for iOS
  • Make a 2D game(Space Pong)
  • Make a 3D game

2 thoughts on “The Impossible List

  1. VANI DURAI says:

    Amazing !! i never knew impossible list can be divided into so many sections with lot of crazy things(to be particular on cockroach one).This blog inspires me to the core and makes me think “There is so much to do in life”

    Liked by 1 person

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