PokeApp is a sample app that I designed and developed from scratch as part of my iOS Development learning. It uses a Pokedex API to fetch details of the first 150 Pokemons and allows each user to create teams with them. It uses 100% programmatic UI with UIKit (without Storyboard), Coordinator Pattern for the app's … Continue reading PokeApp


FDAStream is a video streaming android app built for the Films Division Archive under Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. It was done as a project for the Smart India Hackathon 2018 Finals in Rajasthan. Source Code


DiagnoBot is an emergency patient care chat bot app that listens to the user for symptoms and gives suitable medical advice. The app also features an emergency feature, that triggers an SOS call in case of an emergency. Source Code


GirdThySword is a Bible memorization app for Android, that uses a memorization technique called spaced repetition based on cognitive science, for scheduling time of review for efficient retaining.