Most People Hate Change

This post might offend a lot of people reading it. If it doesn’t then good for you, cause you’re one of a few who actually have a positive attitude about life.

Most of us have the opportunity to choose the path that we want to pursue. But not many of us have the opportunity to choose our circumstances. But here is the thing! You don’t get to blame your circumstances and put on the victim mindset.

At the end of the day, nobody cares what you do in your life, or what you achieve. Everyone is primarily interested in themselves and what other people can do for them. Only rarely do we see people who help other people from the bottom of their heart. These individuals usually have an abundance in their life which makes them want to make others have that abundance too.

But we are here to talk about the majority here. These people usually have two characteristics:

They hate when other people change

Most people hate when people they know change for the good. It’s not that they are selfish and have an evil heart. This is something that happens subconsciously, and there is an element of insecurity and fear that creeps them when they see that the people they know are doing better than themselves.

As humans, we form habits based on actions and rewards. A bully beats up a guy at school, and all the other guys laugh. A teacher shouts at an innocent student, the entire class fears him. Your colleague makes fun of a guy in the office who dresses bad, you all laugh. In each case, the action gives the person doing it, validation in the form of either respect or others thinking that they are cool.

What if the guy who was bullied stands up for himself, what if the student talks back, and what if the guy in the office starts to dress cooler then your colleague? These people would be hated as they have taken away the validation that their oppressors received.

They themselves hate to change

Another recurring attribute that people have is the hate to change. People take pride in staying in the same job for ages. Yeah, staying committed and faithful is for sure a good trait that is to be acknowledged. But that doesn’t mean that you have to work at the same job for years until you die.

Life really doesn’t have a plateau. There is always something better than what you currently have, do or have done. Life makes sense only because of this. If everything had a limit, there would be no point in maxing out, cause you would have no purpose in life when you are at the top. And maintaining sucks.

But many people really don’t have the will to change. And even if they do, they do not like the process that gets them there.

There is a popular saying:

When the going gets tough, the tough get going

Knute Rockne

And when the tough get going, the rest brood over how the others were just “lucky” to have succeeded.

Don’t be that person. Embrace change. Peace!

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