College Projects vs Corporate Projects

College life is a once in a lifetime opportunity for most people given that most people stop their higher education at the bachelor's level. The statistics from a 2013 study by the University Grants Commission of India seems to suggest that 1,74,56,000 people (86%) had enrolled into bachelor's degrees that year, but only 24,92,000 people (12%) … Continue reading College Projects vs Corporate Projects

Public Speaking for Introverts

Many introverts reading this would be jumping up and down after seeing the title(out of joy I mean). Public speaking is not something that is natural to everyone. Especially for people who spent most of their early years not that social, therefore not developing the people skills and getting over the fear of talking before … Continue reading Public Speaking for Introverts

HPDF: The Genesis

I got an internship from for being in the top 1% in the NPTEL Introduction to Modern Application Development course of Sept '17. As a part of the internship, the interns have to team up to develop an app from scratch using Hasura tools. The internship program is called Hasura Product Development Fellowship(HPDF). We have … Continue reading HPDF: The Genesis

What is my reason for GATE?

Note: GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, which is an entrance exam conducted by Indian Institute of Technology for graduate courses. I am a computer science lover right from grade 11, when I wrote my first Hello World program in C++. Having been a computer geek who joined Computer Science and Engineering only … Continue reading What is my reason for GATE?