Benefits of Native Mobile Apps

For about 3 years I've been a big supporter of Web and Hybrid app development. One of the main reasons for that was that I was firstly a hybrid app developer for these 3 years myself. I say "was" since I recently switched teams, and now I am a full-time iOS developer (native app development). … Continue reading Benefits of Native Mobile Apps

German Series #3: Langstreckenlauf

Langstreckenlauf, mit anderen Worten, Laufstrecke länger als fünf Kilometer. Wenn man an Laufen denkt, denkt man normalerweise an Sportler wie Usain Bolt, die Kurzstreckenläufer sind. Trotzdem gibt es beliebte Langstreckenläufer wie Eliud Kipchoge (der schnellste Marathonläufer). Mein erster Langstreckenlauf war 2018, als ich ein 10-km-Rennen lief. Ich war dieses Rennen mit einer Geschwindigkeit von 6 … Continue reading German Series #3: Langstreckenlauf

Benefits of Learning a New Language

According to a census taken in 2018, India with a population of 121 crore (1.21 billion) has 121 different languages spoken, where each language is spoken by at least 10,000 people as their mother tongue. That being said, 96.7% per cent population in the country have one of the 22 scheduled languages as their mother … Continue reading Benefits of Learning a New Language

The Indian work culture needs to change

I’ve been in the corporate world for about 3 years now, and I have worked in 2 companies for now. Actually I cannot really say 2, since my first company was acquired by my current company and that’s how I got here. So I didn’t really change companies to gather experience from 2 different companies. … Continue reading The Indian work culture needs to change

My path to Computer Science

My interest in computers was evident right from my childhood, when I used to play with the i486, which was our family's first computer. I always had an eye for technology, especially when it had something to do with computers. But, I was never really exposed to the science of computing(aka Computer Science), until when I … Continue reading My path to Computer Science