WordPress.com vs WordPress.org (Which is Better?)

Hello, y'all. If you have already visited this blog before you would have already figured this out, but if not, you would have noticed that this blog has a lot of WordPress branding. The reason for this is of course because the site is hosted on the WordPress platform. But the detail to be noted … Continue reading WordPress.com vs WordPress.org (Which is Better?)

Top 4 Non-Fiction Books Everyone Should Read (Apart from the Bible)

https://open.spotify.com/episode/5TIl3qHYBYd2ypLCBuDQ45 Transcript (Initial draft was made using Amazon Transcribe): Hello guys, Joel Kingsley here from Chennai, Tamil Nadu, back with yet another podcast. So it's been a while since I posted my last podcast. And the reason for that is because I was not able to get into the right to manage three things at … Continue reading Top 4 Non-Fiction Books Everyone Should Read (Apart from the Bible)

How Would Jesus’ Second Coming Look Like?

This is about a video that I captured on my phone on the night of August 28, 2019, when the sky was dark and spooky. People looked at it and said that it looks like the end of the world. Well, they are right, but this is 100 times less terrifying than the end of … Continue reading How Would Jesus’ Second Coming Look Like?

Should you learn C++?

Since C++ is my favorite language, and the one that I am most comfortable with as it is my first programming language, I might be a bit biased. That being said, any experienced software developer would tell you C++ is freaking hard, and I accept that 100%. But so is quantum physics, calculus, marriage, self-discipline, taking seminars, … Continue reading Should you learn C++?

My path to Computer Science

My interest in computers was evident right from my childhood, when I used to play with the i486, which was our family's first computer. I always had an eye for technology, especially when it had something to do with computers. But, I was never really exposed to the science of computing(aka Computer Science), until when I … Continue reading My path to Computer Science