Benefits of Native Mobile Apps

For about 3 years I've been a big supporter of Web and Hybrid app development. One of the main reasons for that was that I was firstly a hybrid app developer for these 3 years myself. I say "was" since I recently switched teams, and now I am a full-time iOS developer (native app development). … Continue reading Benefits of Native Mobile Apps

German Series #4: Programmiersprachen

Programmiersprachen sind den gesprochenen Sprachen ähnlich. Beide haben Regeln und Syntaxen, die definieren, wie sie verwendet werden sollen. Die erste Programmiersprache, die ich gelernt habe, war C++. In der Programmierwelt wird es als objektorientierte Programmiersprache bezeichnet. Es gibt and Programmiersprachen wie Python und Javascript, die Skriptsprachen sind. Ich lerne jetzt Swift, die Programmiersprache die für … Continue reading German Series #4: Programmiersprachen

Guards and Resolvers (in Angular)

Angular is one of many web frameworks that make web development easier by providing you with the tools to make the development process cleaner and quicker. Out of all the mobile and web development frameworks I've used till now - native Android, native iOS, plain web, Angular and React (which is not that many), Angular … Continue reading Guards and Resolvers (in Angular)

Hybrid app development is a godsend for Startups, but should you take that route?

If you were to look at the current market distribution when it comes to mobile operating systems, there are only two main players on the field: Android and iOS. The market share of all the remaining mobile operating systems put together is less than 1% of the total. That would seem to be good for … Continue reading Hybrid app development is a godsend for Startups, but should you take that route?

RecyclerView inside a NestedScrollView

It's 3 AM right now. But still, I need to put this stuff into ink (figuratively speaking) when it is still fresh in my mind. For a long time, Android developers have had a tough time putting a ListView or a RecyclerView inside a ScrollView, cause it simply didn't work. Developers had to manage to … Continue reading RecyclerView inside a NestedScrollView

How to use a pre-populated database in Android?

Using local databases for persisting data is fairly easy in Android because of the in-built SQLite Database it provides. If you have used it before, you would know that you would have to extend a helper class named 'SQLiteOpenHelper' for the purpose. The SQLiteOpenHelper class is a part of the Native Android library, therefore you … Continue reading How to use a pre-populated database in Android?