HPDF: Zap your way in!

Apart from the initial individual tasks assigned to each of the interns, we were also allocated a Group Task. My team(T33) was given a group task of using a service called Zapier to automate the process of updating a Google Sheets spreadsheet when a table is created in our app. Out of the team of 6, we were divided into two sub-teams, one using Python-Flask for the backend, and the other using NodeJS-Express.

We sent the plan of action document on 14th January 2018. By 28th January 2018, we are supposed to deploy the service in github.io, and by the following week after that, we are supposed to deploy it in our collaborated Hasura cluster.

Initially, I had been working on making the trigger to the Zapier webhook to work and was able to get it working after a major struggle.

The following is a python script of a simple trigger to a zapier webhook.

#Python 3 Script to send a POST request containing JSON

import json
import requests

# Set the webhook_url to the one provided by Zapier when you create the webhook
webhook_url = 'https://hooks.zapier.com/hooks/catch/xxxxx/yyyyy/'
zapier_data = {'id': '1234','name':'T33','created-on':'17/01/2018','desc':'This is T33!!'}

while True:
  response = requests.post(
  webhook_url, data=json.dumps(zapier_data),
  headers={'Content-Type': 'application/json'}

Right now I’m working on creating the endpoints for the custom-service that I need to create as the backend developer of the Python Flask sub-team.

Required endpoints initially are:

  • /create-table
  • /select-table
  • /count-tables
  • /update-table
  • /insert-to-table

Enjoying the internship so far. Got a great team 🙂

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