What is my reason for GATE?

Note: GATE stands for Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering, which is an entrance exam conducted by Indian Institute of Technology for graduate courses.

I am a computer science lover right from grade 11, when I wrote my first Hello World program in C++. Having been a computer geek who joined Computer Science and Engineering only because of his passion and extreme keenness in the field, a bachelors in Computer Science seems lite to me.

But when there are various other options to study Computer Science apart from those that come under formal education, why do I want to study ME in IISC Bangalore specifically? There are three reasons for this decision:

  1. I am a guy who loves challenges that require extraordinary amounts of effort to win, because not many are willing to do the hard work needed. In this case, the massive chunk of energy that I need to spend to beat this challenge is to learn the very same subject that I procrastinate with when there is a math or a chemistry exam the next day. Computer Science. Therefore, GATE is going to be an interesting challenge which is going to quench my thirst for a reason to study computer science.
  2. Being a thinker and a person who likes to study the small details of any given concept, getting an opportunity to try out a course which is based mainly on research is a bonus point. Since IISC is in top 13 of the list of research institutes in the world, I will not be compromising on the quality of the research for the brand name.(although IISC is not as popular as IITs inside India).
  3. Another reason why I want to study a masters degree is because, I want to become more skilled in what I do, and also get exposed to the various specializations in the field. Since getting into IISC is not a cake walk, only serious learners and researchers are going to be your peers. And at the end of the day, even if I want to get into a job, IISC’s placements in companies like NVidia, is going to make work intriguing.
Bonus Reason:

This is a reason which is apart from academics, a craving for a new experience.

IISC has 400 acres of campus. It has free WiFi in all labs and libraries. There is freedom, and no restriction on what you do(Conditions apply). The campus is quiet and relaxed. PG students can opt for single rooms. The student crowd is the best in the country. You end up learning more and having a lot of research experience. You get 2X pay than what you’ll get in 3rd-tier college placements. I’ll be getting an hostel experience for the first time, which I can never get again. PG students also get a stipend of around 10,000 every month. And also there are 2 independent fundamental baptist churches in Bangalore which is an added bonus, cause I always wanted to visit an IFB church.

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