How to not be boring?

Steps to Be Less Boring

1. Boring is a state of mind – people aren’t boring. We feel boring. Proclaim instead that we are awesome, amazing, and interesting.

2. Be well rounded as an individual – don’t just focus on one or two specific things. You need to seek out inspiration and education from the world around you. Don’t isolate yourself. Learn about the world around you. Seek knowledge.

3. Try something new every single day – routine and interesting’s kryptonite. Try new food, take a different route to work, listen to something else in the car… break the ruts!

4. Seek and engage someone new in a conversation every day – don’t stay in a social bubble, interacting with the same people. Learn from new people to enhance your life experiences and interpersonal relationships.

5. Constantly seek self improvement – experiences create life! Try new things!

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